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 Cargo Helicopter Operations

Hava Kargo Taşımacılığı

We specialize in all facets of commercial helicopter lifting, from helicopter logging and heavy lifting to helicopter fire fighting and load logging.

We are ready to realize with our cargo transport helicopters your projects if is not able to make it by the road transport.

We have successfully performed with our cargo helicopters to this day how difficult and seemingly impossible things in our country if any of them.

Cargo Helicopter Operations,
Helicopter Cargo Transportations,
External Load and Slung Cargo Transportation,
Cable Car Lines transportation and installation,
Aerial Siesmic Survey, Heavy lifting,
Forest fire-fighting operations,
Project Transportation,

Cargo Helicopter Operations are subject to the Notam Permissions of the Civil Aviation Authorities.

The requests should be notified with the detailed information of the area coordinates, loads of drawings, pictures, dimensions, weight and volume.

Hava Kargo Taşımacılığı