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Doruk Air, since 1994 successfully continues its activities in the sector of Air Transport.

Our Company was founded by expert and experienced staff with know-how and under the managament of the same team members of the founders and from the foundation on succeeded the hard duties and the firsts in the field of our occupation, aviation business.

The customers mean us more than the buyers intend to purchase our services, they mean us friends we are going to be with them whenever needed and to provide the maximized customer satisfaction is our main principle.

As a commercial company we are aware of our social responsibility and keeping the sustainability which complete our principles, in addition to our efforts on having the activities for a profitable business.

In our reference list one may find the leading companies, institutions and celebrities both local and global. From the year of 1994 up to now, the well-known statesmen and political party leaders had realized air travel on our airplanes and helicopters.

Geçmişten bu güne uçuş hizmet konseptimiz ;

Doruk Air arranges charter luxury air travel on light , mid, and heavy size private jets from Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya to any location on the planet.

We have a wide range of helicopters from four seater helicopter to six seater and one fourteen seater helicopter for your comfortable flights.

Our company is specialized in the all facets of commercial helicopter operations from the external load transport and heavy lifting to helicopter fire fighting and load logging.

As a pioneer aviation company in Turkey, the unusual tasks like the GSM base stations and chairlift-cable car lines installation and heavy load lifting operations on the high mountains have been performed using the cargo helicopters.

Doruk Air is the first company which started the helicopter forest fire-fighting operations in Turkey.Doruk Air has launched the Forest firefighting operations of the Ministry of Forestry in 1995.During the realization of our forest firefighting operations we have used up to 18 helicopters, in some years.For the protection of nature and wild life, during our forest fire-fighting operations, a total flight hours of over the 8500 had been executed successfully. Our reference on this issue is Forestry Organization of Turkey.

Our company's main activities ;
Passenger and Air Cargo Transportation,
Charter of Business Jet and Helicopter,
Air Taxi Services, Private Air Charter Flights,
Daily Helicopter Tours and Daily Airplane Tours,
Aerial Siesmic Survey, Aerial photo and film shooting flights,
Aerial Lidar Survey, Electric, Oil and Gas Pipe Lines Control flights,
Cargo Helicopter Operations, Heavy lifting, Slung Cargo transportation,
Forest Fire-fighting Operations.